How Do I Choose the Best Alcohol-Free Sanitizer?

Erin J. Hill

When choosing alcohol-free sanitizer, it is important that you ensure the product chosen still kills germs and bacteria. It should also be mild and gentle for the skin if you will be using it on your hands frequently, or if you will be using it with young children. Some products are also organic in nature, so if having something without chemicals is important to you, check the ingredients carefully.

Before using alcohol-free sanitizer, it's important to find out if the product kills germs.
Before using alcohol-free sanitizer, it's important to find out if the product kills germs.

The main aspect to consider when buying alcohol-free sanitizer is whether or not it still kills germs, bacteria, and viruses as effectively as the versions with alcohol. There are plenty of gentler ingredients that are capable of killing germs without the use of alcohol. Since it's not realistic for you to research every ingredient of every product, your best bet is reading product packaging carefully, and reading about any reviews or studies published about each item online. This should allow you to get a feel for which products do what they say they'll do.

You should also consider the price, fragrance, and gentleness of the alcohol-free sanitizer you choose. Many times these products are pricier than their alcohol-containing counterparts, so you should be prepared to pay a little extra. You might also wish to smell each product prior to buying, if possible, to ensure that you like the fragrance. Some items are even scent-free, so you won't have to worry about strong smells or allergy symptoms if you are allergic to certain smells.

Think about how gentle the alcohol-free sanitizer is as well. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to find a product that is made specifically for those with your skin type. Many organic products are on the market, and these are usually gentler than comparable items because they contain fewer chemicals, dyes, and scents. Read product labels carefully to determine which ingredients are contained in each item, and whether they are compatible with your needs.

Sometimes alcohol-free sanitizer can be hard to find. Some health food stores carry it close to the cleaning products. There are also websites specializing in products like this. If you choose to buy online, you should read through customer reviews to find out if there are any issues or warnings about a particular product, or if there is anything else you should be aware of before choosing. Most customers will be the first to tell you whether a product lives up to its claims.

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