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How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Hand Sanitizer?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Generally, when a person is looking for wholesale products, he or she is doing so with profit in mind. In order to choose the best wholesale hand sanitizer, you will need to find a quality product at a cost that allows for a reasonable profit margin. Many considerations are included in finding the best value, such as brand name, ingredients, package size, bulk discounts, and the cost of shipping or delivery if applicable. It is a good idea to do some comparison shopping before making a decision.

Some suppliers will drop-ship wholesale products and use your company name. This may be an option for those shopping for wholesale hand sanitizer as well. Other companies may use plain packaging if asked. While your label may not be included, your customers will not be directly linked to the seller.

Wholesale hand sanitizer.
Wholesale hand sanitizer.

Promotional items can also be a fun option when it comes to wholesale hand sanitizer. and you can have packages made with your company name and logo right on the label. Promotional items often make for great advertising campaigns. While promotions often involve giving away products, you may still make money in the end. Giving out promotional items is a good way to give samples of the product as well.

Wholesale hand sanitizer may be purchased in large pump bottles.
Wholesale hand sanitizer may be purchased in large pump bottles.

If you are concerned with brand names, compare the quality and cost of the most popular brands. You can still purchase a well-known wholesale hand sanitizer without choosing the most expensive option. It makes sense not to completely disregard store brands either, since some may offer high-quality products at a fraction of the cost charged by their competitors.

Be aware that not all wholesale hand sanitizer products thoroughly sanitize hands as claimed. Do not hesitate to ask for additional information that may help prove claims made by specific manufacturers. You want to be able to stand behind the product you are offering your customers, so it pays to be aware of questionable claims. Compare the ingredients and the stated benefits of each product and then look for information that backs up those claims.

Shipping and delivery charges can play a big role in choosing a wholesale hand sanitizer. Often, products are listed at low prices but the difference is made up by way of higher shipping or delivery costs than those offered by competitors. Due to this issue, it is important to add in all costs when comparing products. A higher cost per unit may not mean an overall higher cost if the shipping or delivery charges are low.

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    • Wholesale hand sanitizer.
      By: Ewa Brozek
      Wholesale hand sanitizer.
    • Wholesale hand sanitizer may be purchased in large pump bottles.
      By: Elenathewise
      Wholesale hand sanitizer may be purchased in large pump bottles.