What is Breast Liposuction Reduction?

Melanie Smeltzer

Unlike most cosmetic surgery, breast liposuction reduction and other forms of breast reduction are often done solely for health purposes. Large or heavy breasts may cause a number of health problems, such as neck and back pain, breathing issues, skin irritation, and skeletal deformities. The patient is generally put under local anesthesia, and small cannulas are then inserted through 1/4-inch (about 0.63 cm) incisions, which draw out any excess fat tissue. Breast liposuction reduction is thought to be a viable alternative to other forms of breast reduction, as it may be less traumatic to the body, cause fewer complications, and leave smaller scars.

Men may receive breast liposuction reduction to treat gynecomastia.
Men may receive breast liposuction reduction to treat gynecomastia.

Traditional breast reduction procedures often require major surgery, which can be traumatic to the body. Breast liposuction reduction, on the other hand, only involves placing a slender cannula, or "surgical straw," through a small incision; thus it is thought to be less invasive. The procedure also requires less time to perform, as its main focus is the removal of fatty breast tissue, rather than glandular tissue and skin. Many people feel that this surgery is well suited for those who suffer from conditions such as asthma or diabetes, which make traditional surgery more difficult.

Breast liposuction reduction is usually done to treat health problems.
Breast liposuction reduction is usually done to treat health problems.

Although breast liposuction reduction is not usually a cosmetic surgery, many people select this procedure to help alter or enhance their appearance. In some cases, liposuction is performed when a woman's breasts become too large for her frame. In other cases, this surgery is done on males who develop gynecomastia, a benign but abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in men. This surgery is also occasionally performed to help correct a noticeable asymmetry of the breasts.

Breast liposuction reduction is frequently used as an alternative to more invasive procedures. However, it is not recommended for everyone. Women who have firm, dense breast tissue, do not have excessively large breasts, or those who are very slender are generally not considered good candidates. Women with an ample amount of soft fatty tissue, a breast size that is DD or smaller, and those who are postmenopausal are considered ideal candidates.

Despite the fact that breast liposuction reduction is thought to be relatively harmless, there are many considerations to keep in mind. As with any surgery, there is potential for complications with anesthesia, bleeding, or infection. Those who do not have enough skin elasticity may find that their breasts will begin to sag after they have healed from this procedure, which may lead to a disappointing result.

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