What is Male Breast Liposuction?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson
Male breast liposuction may help remove excess fat from the male chest.
Male breast liposuction may help remove excess fat from the male chest.

Male breast liposuction, one of the most commonly requested liposuction procedures for men, refers to the removal of excess fat in the male chest. Sometimes, male breast liposuction is thought of as a treatment for gynecomastia, or the development of too much breast tissue in males. This is not technically true, however, because the liposuction technique is used to remove fat, not dense breast tissue. More accurately, male breast liposuction is a treatment for pseudogynecomastia, which is an accumulation of fat in the male breasts that resembles gynecomastia. Sometimes, for cases of actual gynecomastia, the fat is removed through liposuction and the breast tissue is removed in a separate procedure.

Male breast liposuction is typically a cosmetic procedure, done mainly to improve self-esteem rather than treat any physical condition. There are many different liposuction techniques that may be used for male breast reduction. Some will require general anesthesia, but others can be completed in under two hours in an office or clinic under local anesthetic. While the full effects of the procedure will not be visible until all swelling and bruising goes down after a few months, the patient can usually return to normal daily activities within one or two weeks. The recovery period may take longer if other procedures, often to remove excess breast tissue and sculpt the chest area to help develop a more masculine appearance, accompany the liposuction.

As with all liposuction procedures, the results are not necessarily permanent, as the breasts may redevelop if additional weight is gained after the procedure. Other risks of male breast liposuction include injury to the skin or surrounding tissues and blood loss. Scars or decreased sensation may be problems as well. Many kinds of liposuction, including male breast liposuction, carry the risk of aesthetic concerns, including a lumpy appearance or skin pigmentation issues that may lead to discoloration. Some patients that have undergone cosmetic liposuction also complain that not enough fat was removed, so the results appear minimal or unnoticeable.

Male breast liposuction tends to be more expensive than female breast reduction surgery because the male breasts are usually denser, with more fibrous tissue, making the fat harder to remove. This may be one of the reasons some people who have had this surgery complain that not enough tissue was removed. Usually, however, adequate results can be obtained with an experienced plastic surgeon, using techniques suited to the individual body type of the patient.

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    • Male breast liposuction may help remove excess fat from the male chest.
      By: semmickphoto
      Male breast liposuction may help remove excess fat from the male chest.