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What is an Adult Learning Center?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

An adult learning center is an academic environment where adults can go to obtain adult education. Often, adult learning centers are available within a given school district in one or more of the school buildings, either in a separate building or during after hours in regular classrooms. Dedicated adult learning centers may also be set up in certain areas and locations, and are normally located in areas where the most vocational or career training is required.

An adult may attend an adult learning center for any number of reasons. Often, an adult learning center will offer the ability to earn a general equivalency diploma, or a GED. This is an alternative to a high school diploma for those who were unable to finish high school for various reasons. Classes are taught at the adult education center by licensed teachers and the GED is then administered to students who have completed the program.

Adult learning centers offer career training and development courses.
Adult learning centers offer career training and development courses.

Career training and development classes may also be offered at an adult learning center. For example, individuals either with or without a GED may be provided with the skills and training necessary to work at various administrative positions. Adults may be awarded secretarial certificates or certificates signifying the completion of other vocational training. This can help people who may have limited skills develop abilities that help them get a job.

Often, an adult learning center is funded by the government or is a not-for-profit organization. Volunteers may help raise money for the center so it can provide opportunities for those in lower income neighborhoods find careers and options that help them escape poverty. The government may also provide support, regulate or manage adult learning centers. Various programs such as Welfare to Work and Ticket to Work can provide opportunities or incentive for welfare recipients. The individuals receiving this type of government help may be required to attend vocational or GED glasses at adult learning centers, or may be invited to do so to help them develop skills that will help in the job market.

Numerous classes can be taught or held at adult learning centers. In addition to those designed to help a person get ahead in his career or develop important skills, other classes such as anger management or parenting classes can also be taught. The aim of the classes and the center is generally to help with all types of skills and training that adults may need to learn or develop.

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    • Adult learning centers offer career training and development courses.
      By: Sergey Nivens
      Adult learning centers offer career training and development courses.