What is a Workflow Editor?

Christine Hudson
Christine Hudson
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

A workflow editor is a tool for editing, processing, and finalizing workflow sheets or projects. These editing programs are specialized to perform certain activities such as guiding the company employee who oversees finances and for technical services such as implementing new strategies to test their validity. There are several different kinds of workflow editors, each with specific benefits to suit a business’s needs.

Each workflow editor may be presented either in graphical form or by alphanumerical method. Graphical editors display results in the form of charts, graphs and tables. Alphanumeric editors produce tables or codes, which explain the workflow and allow changes. Both types of workflow editor are available either for purchase or as free, open source programs.

There are generally many benefits of using a workflow editor. It may allow companies to follow the logical sequence of all the processes, and there are many editors integrated with specific controls for ease of use. A workflow editor may be able to allow a business to visualize how editing one workflow process with affect the overall flow, as well as if it may affect other workflows within operations. Even those who are not business professionals, but may be doing complex projects or multitasking in activities that use data, may use it according to their requirements.

Using a workflow editor might also make the creation of creative workflow easier. At times, a business may need more creative ways to save costs and be more efficient. Programs in which ideas can be tested before they are implemented may save time and money. Workflow programs may provide detailed workflow analysis to allow the user to pinpoint where improvement or complete changes need to be made, or they can display how certain changes might affect the whole process before the new practices are implemented.

While a workflow editor may be a good investment for many companies, several types of these programs do require some time for individuals to learn how to use them effectively. It is also fairly important to use an editor which fits the needs and budget of the business. Some research may be required before the perfect editor can be found, as there are many options available. Deciding whether or not a workflow editor is right and which one should be used generally depends on many factors that the company owners or management team are often charged with determining.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase