How do I Choose the Best Workflow Management Software?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Workflow management software is a system that helps people to organize and automate the work processes that make up a business. In order to choose the best workflow software, you have to determine the needs that your individual business has and then choose the software that meets all or the majority of your needs. Finding the best workflow management software for you business requires you to assess your business needs and then gather information on the software programs available, so you can narrow down your options to the one you need.

To determine the things you'll need in workflow management software, your first step is to evaluate the work processes that you are trying to automate. For example, many companies that use this type of workflow model are sales organizations that have sales representatives that are spread throughout the country. When you conduct a workflow analysis of your business, you may determine that the process looks something like this: First, the marketing department sends out a postcard to your list. This is logged into the workflow system so that when calls start coming in, the customer service representatives answering the call know what the caller is referring to.

When an inquiry comes in, the customer service representative logs the call and the follow-up call is automatically assigned by the system to the sales representative who covers the area. The sales representative calls the prospect and sells them the product, which is logged in the system and is automatically sent to the order fulfillment department. All of this information is entered into the workflow management software and automatically assigned or pushed to the appropriate person in the company.

Besides finding a program that helps you to put your processes on autopilot, other factors you should consider when choosing the best software for your business are cost, training, and support. While you may find several software programs that fit your needs, you should consider the cost of each. If the software falls within your budget, then it should remain on your list. Those that exceed your budget should be removed.

Next, review the training that the software company offers in helping your staff learn how to use the program. Ongoing support is also important. If there are learning issues or technical problems with the software, you need the company to help your business and staff to overcome these issues.

Once you assess all these areas, look at the software products that are left on your list. Put the remaining options in order, with the program fulfilling the most of your needs at the top. The software that meets the majority of your needs is the best workflow management software for your business.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer