How do I Choose the Best Order Management Software?

Kristie Lorette

Order management software is a computer program that helps you manage the inventory of your business and process the orders that come in from customers. The software handles everything from ordering inventory to shipping orders to customers. In order to choose the best order management software for your business, you need to make a list of the specific features you need the software to have and then find the software that fits the most of your needs. Some of the business software features to consider include invoicing, cost, and the ability to connect it with your business accounting system.

The most popular order management software programs can be used to track, analyze and report on sales.
The most popular order management software programs can be used to track, analyze and report on sales.

Business invoicing features include the ability for you to customize the look of the invoices the software generates so that it carries your brand. You also want to make sure that you can customize the layout of the invoices to meet your business needs. For example, if you are running a tile store, rather than a quantity column on the invoice, you may want to have a column for the area covered in square feet or meters. In other words, make sure that the invoicing capabilities fit to the type of business.

The best order management software is also one that fits within your budget. There are numerous programs on the market that offer both features you need and those that are nice, but are not required; extra features may add to the price of the order management software. You not only have to narrow down your options by the features of the software, but you also need to find one that is affordable.

One major feature to look for in software for managing your orders is whether or not it communicates directly with your accounting software. When you order management software and accounting system are connected, it avoids double entry, where you or one of your employees has to enter information into the order system and then re-enter it into the accounting system. It's a good idea to verify that the programs you are considering are compatible with your accounting software.

After you make a list of the software that meets all of your order management needs, mark down the cost of investing in each program. Review the options for compatibility with your other software programs. Put your list in order, with the order management software that meets all or the most of your criteria at the top. One of those top options on your list will likely be a good choice that allows you to do everything you need to do to plan, implement, and process orders.

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Great post Kristie - order management systems can help small businesses be more effective and efficient. The ability to leverage data for business intelligence is a great feature but more importantly it should be easy to use and install. Online systems have the advantage of avoiding installation hassles and if designed right they can easy to have inventory right on target. We have shown that the right system can provide a 2500x improvement in productivity while setting inventory levels at peak financial performance.

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