How do I Choose the Best Workflow Application?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The term workflow describes the various steps that a company or individual employees in a company go through to complete the different processes in the business. A workflow application allows business owners and managers to input the steps of the processes into a software system that helps to automate the workflow processes. In order to identify and ultimately choose the best workflow application for your business, you need to determine if your needs are specifically workflow or include business process management, which encompasses the entirety of the processes that make up of the business is more project focused, which many encompass a project management software instead. Cost and ease of use are other factors that should be considered.

If you need a workflow application that helps you to design, track and use the results to improve the company processes, then a comprehensive workflow application software may be required. A comprehensive program is business process management software, which is also known as BPM for short. Choosing a business process management software is logical when there are different processes in different areas of the company that will be automated, but also integrated.

The second type of workflow application consideration is whether your need is project-based rather than companywide. Project management software, or PMS for short, allows users to design, track and refine the processes for a specific need or a specific project. For example, if a company is an architecture firm, the PMS software may allow users to input the process for designing and building the building that will house the local history museum. This type of software does not focus on the business as a whole, but rather one project in which the architecture firm is involved.

Beyond the scope of the workflow application, consider its ease of use. Make sure that the employees who will be using the software system will be able to easily learn how to use it. The easier a program is to learn, the more likely employees will be to adopt and actually use the application. Uncover the training and support opportunities the software program provider offers to customers that purchase its software.

With the myriad of workflow application programs available, the costs range from affordable to expensive. You should start to narrow down the software programs that offer the features and ease of use you are looking for with a cost you have in your budget to spend. Choosing the best workflow application meets both sides of needs and ability to pay for it.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer