What is a Wall Mounted Ironing Board?

Mandi R. Hall

A wall mounted ironing board is an ironing board attached to the wall. While traditional ironing boards are typically portable, a mounted or built-in ironing board stays in one place. It has all of the same basic components of a portable ironing board. The narrow board, pad, and heat-resistant cover are the elements that complete the basic ironing board setup.

An iron.
An iron.

While a transportable ironing board typically comes equipped with collapsible legs, a wall mounted ironing board does not. The latter is instead outfitted with fasteners. Latched onto a wall via these hooks, screws, or clasps, the wall mounted ironing board is only secured by the wide end of the plank itself.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

The one-sided wall fastening technique allows the board to drop down and rest levelly when it’s time to iron. Amateurs may hire a handyman or professional installer to fasten the wall mounted ironing board correctly to the wall. The kits generally come with instructions, however, for those do-it-yourselfers who want to give the installation a try. Tools typically needed for installation may include a screwdriver, drill, or hammer. The clasps and screws or nails should come with the wall mounted ironing board installation kit.

When properly mounted, the bottom of the ironing board should be hip level. Once unfastened, the board should come down to a level plane. It should set perpendicular to the ironer’s hips. This height is recommended for all ironing boards, regardless of their portability. When the structure is situated at the correct height, additional back and shoulder stress brought on by bending over may be avoided.

A wall mounted ironing board may also be mounted on a door. When attached to a laundry room, bedroom, or closet door, the ironing board is within arms’ reach while out of eyesight. The heavier the ironing board, the sturdier the door should be. Boards made of lightweight metal aren’t very heavy.

When choosing a wall mounted ironing board, consumers may need to purchase the ironing board cover separately. Though cream and white are typically available, patterned and brightly colored covers may be purchased online or from specialty stores. This may be ideal for those who have small living spaces. If it can’t be hidden, it can at least match the rest of the décor.

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