How do I Choose the Best Travel Ironing Board?

Diane Goettel

When choosing the best travel ironing board, the most important features to consider are functionality, weight, and size. Functionality is the most important because, even if the ironing board can fold up to the size of a business card holder, it is pointless if it is not useful for ironing. Weight is also important as a heavy travel ironing board can cause luggage to become unwieldy, exceed airline weight limits, or both. Size is a factor as well as a travel ironing board must be large enough to be useful while also having the ability to collapse down to a size that will fit easily into a suitcase or tote bag.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

One of the most important features of a travel ironing board is its ability to collapse into a smaller form. Most ironing boards collapse by way of one or two joints that divide the board into panels. Be sure to consider the overall size of the travel ironing board when it is open and when it has been collapsed down into its smaller size.

An iron.
An iron.

It is also important to consider the materials that are used to make the travel ironing board. Choose an ironing board that is made with strong joints so that, over years of opening and closing it, the panels of the ironing board will not begin to separate or break apart. The material on the top of the ironing board should also be of sufficient quality that it can take years of use without beginning to tear or disintegrate. Some people prefer to use an ironing board that is topped with a material that is especially good at staying dry, which is useful for those who iron using steam.

Some people who live in small spaces choose to use a travel ironing board instead of a traditional ironing board. This is because there may not be much space to set up a large ironing board and they may not want to install vertical ironing boards in their living spaces. Some people who are renting homes or apartments for short periods of time might also use a travel ironing board because they prefer not to have to repair walls after installing and then removing a vertical ironing board. In these cases, when the travel ironing board will be mostly used in the home, weight and size are not such important factors.

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