What is a Sticker Mural?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Two young boys
Two young boys

A sticker mural is a type of wall mural composed of vinyl wall decals. The mural can be very small and only take up a small portion of the wall, or it may take up an entire wall, or even all the walls in a room. Some people choose to extend sticker murals up onto the ceiling; this is especially popular in nature scenes, for example, when one might choose to paint clouds or stars on the ceiling. A sticker mural may be composed entirely of stickers, or it may be made up of a combination of stickers and painted areas.

There are many reasons to create a sticker mural using vinyl wall decals in a home. The first is that the wall decals are typically very easy to apply, and do not require any artistic ability whatsoever; in addition, they can often be custom designed to match the colors that are already found in one's home. They are designed to stay on the walls without damaging the existing paint, and can then be easily removed. They can generally be used only once, but are still a good solution for people who do not own their homes, or who do not want to have to repaint to redecorate a room.

Creating a sticker mural using vinyl wall decals will take some time. Generally, the mural comes in a number of small pieces, because it would be too difficult to apply a wall-sized mural in one piece. It is necessary to carefully apply each decal and smooth out the bubbles to ensure that the decals will not peel off. For larger murals, measuring the area and placing some guide marks on the wall with pencils can be helpful in ensuring that everything is lined up properly, and is straight on the wall. Some people add additional touches to the mural with paint, such as painting leaves on a tree.

Nature scenes are some of the most popular types of sticker murals. These may be created in living rooms or family rooms, but are especially popular for children's rooms. There are many different options for creating a sticker mural using vinyl wall decals; the easiest way is simply to purchase a kit, but some people choose to design their own, and will purchase a number of different decals from different sources. Items like trees, grasses, birds, animals, and clouds may all be part of a nature scene. Of course, there are many other options for creating a sticker mural based on the type of design one wishes to achieve.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys