What are the Different Types of Vinyl Wall Decals?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Two young boys
Two young boys

Vinyl wall decals can be a simple, inexpensive, attractive way to brighten up any wall and make it more visually interesting, especially in apartments or other places where individuals may not be able to paint. This is because these decals for the walls are generally designed to be easily removable, making it easy to change the look of a room as frequently as desired. Vinyl wall decals range in size, from small stickers to large decals that take up an entire wall. In addition, they may be simple or elaborate images; words, quotes, and phrases are also popular types of wall decals.

Instructions for applying the vinyl wall decals are usually included, and it is important to follow them. The decals typically need to be applied to a clean, dry wall, and carefully smoothed out so no air bubbles are present; this will help the decal to appear as if it is part of the paint. Larger vinyl wall decals, such as those intended to create a mural on the wall, are often applied in smaller pieces to minimize the risk of making a mistake. Even though decals can be removed, they typically cannot be reapplied once they are removed, so it is important to be careful.

Images of different sizes and designs are some of the most popular vinyl wall decals. Cartoon characters or sports themed images are common choices for children's rooms. Nature images, such as branches, trees, or birds, are considered better choices for living rooms or family rooms. Abstract images may also help to liven up a room and add additional color. Searching online will make it easy to find many different options. Vinyl decals are typically available in any number of different colors, and may be custom designed and manufactured as well.

Word art is another often chosen type of vinyl wall decal. Inspirational quotes about love and family are popular, for example; another option for a custom designed decal is the last name of the family living in the home. Single words are sometimes used to describe rooms in a home, such as "music" or "books" for a library, or "workshop" for a garage; this helps to give the room a more modern look, which some people enjoy. In addition, some will use vinyl wall decals in wedding themes or inspirational quotes to decorate their home for a wedding, if they are getting married in a backyard, for example.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys