What are the Different Methods of Wall Decorating?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
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Besides just painting or wallpapering, there are many other possibilities for wall decorating. Placing fabric-covered panels or colorful vinyl stickers on walls are popular options. Using vinyl letter decals as well as phrases, sentences and quotes of texts are another way of wall decorating. In rustic living spaces, hanging hand-crafted tapestries or quilts on walls is a cozy and stylish touch.

A common and attractive way to decorate a wall with a quilt or tapestry is to hang it on the wall on a rod that is attached to a decorative shelf. The rod is usually underneath a shelf on which a few dishes or pieces of pottery may be displayed to complement the tapestry or quilt. These shelf pieces are often ideal for wall decorating as they typically have scalloped or carved details and an attractive finish in dark or light wood.

Wall decorating with words can be a fun way to express thoughts, values or wishes. Using vinyl letter stickers to spell out names or custom statements can personalize walls in any living space. Letters, quotes and passages from books may be fairly small or very large. This type of message wall decorating is often done over a painted surface.

Vinyl wall stickers are often used along with the letters and text to decorate bedrooms, living rooms or other spaces. These stickers are usually removable so they can be changed around into different patterns or even placed on other walls if the mood strikes. Many different opportunities for creative wall decorating are possible in a set of vinyl wall stickers since different people are likely to use it in different ways. For example, for a set of butterfly wall decals, one person may have them all on one wall facing the same direction, while another may place them around the room on a painted background that looks like sky and grass.

Covering artist's canvas frames with fabric and stapling it in place to create panels is an inexpensive, easy type of wall art. This kind of wall decorating can be a budget-friendly way to get the look of detailed artwork. A great way to do this project is to get enough framed canvases to hang on the wall in an attractive rectangular shape, spaced evenly apart, and cover each with a black and white printed textile. Having each wall panel different, yet tying them in together by using a black and white color scheme can create a sophisticated wall decoration.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing