What are the Different Types of Decorations for the Wall?

Patti Kate

There are numerous types of decorations for the wall, some of which include wall murals, wall decals, and stickers. Framed picture art is a popular type of wall decor as well. Wall art may include paintings in a contemporary or abstract style, among others.

Wallpaper may be used to decorate a wall.
Wallpaper may be used to decorate a wall.

Wall tapestries may be made from various materials. Cotton and polyester blended materials are often used for wall tapestries. Many wall tapestries depict a scene, such as a landscape or city lights. Tapestry decorations for the wall also come in various designs and patterns. These are typically hand woven by artisans from around the world.

Landscapes are a popular choice of decoration.
Landscapes are a popular choice of decoration.

Canvas oil paintings are popular types of decorations for the wall. Canvas oil paintings may be hand painted by professional artists or created by any individual using specific types of acrylic or linseed oils. Canvas oil paintings may be matted and framed, or unframed.

Decorations for the wall of a very large room or building may include wall murals. A wall mural will generally cover the entire wall. The artwork is painted by hand onto the surface of the wall, using a variety of materials. Additionally, sculptures may be mounted onto a wall. These sculptures appear more lifelike, unlike one-dimensional mural decorations for the wall.

Wallpaper, which may be available in various designs and colors, can decorate any typical wall. Wall coverings and borders come in all styles, from nursery and children's designs to country or rustic designs created for for a cottage or kitchen wall. Novelty styles of wallpaper may include themes such as sailing or various sports. Any wallpaper design may be considered decorations for the wall.

Wall decor may also be very casual and include wall posters made from high-grade poster boards. Many styles of posters can be framed, although some prefer to hang posters without a frame. Wall posters may be pictures of animals or cartoons, and many posters feature celebrities, such as rock stars or actors.

Mirrors may be considered a type of wall decoration for the home. Some mirrors have an antique finish and style, while others are very modern or avante garde. Brass or other metals are commonly used in decorative wall mirrors. Some mirrored wall hangings also feature shelves for displaying small ornaments.

Grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks are decorations for the wall that have been around for many generations. These are typically constructed of wood. Most cuckoo and grandfather clocks chime or feature other types of sound that can be heard at specific times.

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