What Are the Different Types of Metal Wall Decor?

Dan Cavallari

Metal wall decor may be functional or simply decorative, and the types of metal used to construct the pieces can vary according to the intended purpose and desired aesthetic. Some examples of functional metal wall decor include mirrors, clocks, shelves, sconces, and picture frames; other types of decor that may not have a specific purpose include artistic designs and panels meant to accent a wall. Wrought iron is one of the most sought-after metals for such applications, though this metal can be expensive and very heavy. Steel and aluminum can be used instead to lower cost and weight.

Cast iron is iron that has been heated and poured into molds.
Cast iron is iron that has been heated and poured into molds.

Wrought iron is a type of metal that is worked by hand into decorative shapes, usually including sweeps, curves, and angles. True wrought iron is very heavy and expensive, since it must be worked by hand rather than machine, and it is not commonly used in modern times because other types of metals are easier to work with and less expensive to produce. Metal wall decor made from real wrought iron can be custom made and may be antique. Cast iron, which is iron that is heated and poured into casts, can mimic the look of wrought iron, making it a great choice for more inexpensive metal wall decor. Steel can also be made to look like wrought iron in some cases, thereby reducing weight and cost even further.

Various types of metal wall decor can be cut, molded, or otherwise worked into specific shapes such as suns, musical notes, trees, or birds. These accents can be hung on walls to provide an eye-catching conversation piece, and the metals can come in various colors to further improve the aesthetic. In other cases, more abstract shapes are created, and an emphasis is placed on the creativity and workmanship of the piece. Custom pieces are often exceptionally beautiful, and the quality of the metalwork can be observed easily.

Mirrors, clocks, and picture frames are common types of metal wall decor that are more functional. The metal in this case will act as an accent for a centerpiece, such as a photo or painting, rather than as the main focus. Frames can come in various sizes to accommodate photos and paintings of different sizes, and the shape of the frame can vary as well to further add visual appeal to the piece. Metal can be combined with other materials such as wood or glass to add even more aesthetic appeal.

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