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What Is a Primary Health Care Team?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

The primary health care team, or PHCT, is a team of professionals who work together to provide primary health care to a patient base. While it might sound somewhat arbitrary, the idea of a primary health care team is part of a vital evaluation of health care providers in various communities. The primary health care team is made up of doctors and nurses, as well as skilled administrators and clerical workers, record keepers, and those involved in managerial work or other aspects of the medical office.

Generally speaking, a primary health care team is regarded within the context of a specific medical office. Primary care is often referred to as “family practice care” or “general care.” It is the front-line care that patients receive from a family doctor or primary care physician’s office on a regular basis. These medical offices are integral parts of their communities and places that the average citizen relies on for quality health care.

A primary health care team may specialize in wound care.
A primary health care team may specialize in wound care.

Those who take time to assess how a PHCT works are evaluating the ways that a doctor, a nurse, or a team of doctors, nurses, and other specialists such as physicians assistants, works in harmony for the benefit of the patient. This includes the individuals who do routine prep work for primary care physicians, including height/weight and blood pressure tests, phlebotomy, and other auxiliary care practices. It also includes the people who keep records on particular patients, those who code diagnosis or procedural events in a medical office, or those involved in scheduling or managing patient care in administrative ways.

Most often, the primary health care team has a particular focus designated by the role of their medical office. For example, a primary health care team may be focused on geriatric care, pediatric care, family care, wound care, or even other peripheral types of health care like employment-related health care. The focus of the medical office contributes to the overall goal of the primary health care team.

When it’s time to take a critical look at how a PHCT works, those who are evaluating these clinical teams will often explore how doctors work with administrative staff to make the overall care process more smooth. This might include elements of processing patients according to health care regulations, or the issue of scheduling and intake. In general, this kind of evaluation looks at how each person’s particular skills are valued and respected within the office environment, and whether the various individuals involved can create a synergy between their roles, and work together to serve patients better, or whether problems with efficiency and effective care exist within that office.

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    • A primary health care team may specialize in wound care.
      By: Kelpfish
      A primary health care team may specialize in wound care.