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What is a New Home Inspector?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis

A new home inspector focuses solely upon newly built homes. Even new homes must be thoroughly inspected prior to purchase, and these home inspection professionals know how to spot trouble within a new construction. As with all other home inspectors, new home inspectors must have proper training and qualifications in order to begin inspecting new homes.

Generally, all home inspectors will check each section of a home for possible defects. A typical inspection includes a thorough examination of a roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, plumbing, electrical, and structural home elements. In addition, home inspectors often look for faults in construction, fire hazards, safety problems, and anything else that may cause a new home buyer trouble.

A new home inspector specializes in newly built homes.
A new home inspector specializes in newly built homes.

Contrary to popular belief, new homes often have many different issues that need to be addressed prior to a home purchase. During the construction of a new home, many different problems can arise. Thus, it is a good idea to hire a new home inspector to inspect a property both during construction, and after construction has been completed.

Each country has different laws regarding home inspection. Within North America, a home usually cannot be sold without a proper home inspection. This law applies to new homes if a home inspection clause is part of a home buyer's contract. Inspectors within North America also tend to belong to a professional association prior to evaluating new homes.

Following a home inspection, a new home inspector will often make repair recommendations. Since new homes are often under some kind of warranty, most repairs can be easily made without a lot of trouble. Interestingly, many home buyers that purchase new homes never bother with a home inspection, but this is a large mistake.

Far too many new homes are not inspected, then are sold and found to be filled with all kinds of faults. Even construction crews can make mistakes while building a new home. Often, these workers are under a lot of stress to complete a new home project on time, which may lead to errors in home construction.

A new home inspector will make sure that a new home is safe, up to code, and ready to be purchased. Without a new home inspector, buyers purchasing a new home may be in for quite a surprise. From light switches that don't work to entire heating ducts installed incorrectly, new homes are not free of mistakes.

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    • A new home inspector specializes in newly built homes.
      By: leekris
      A new home inspector specializes in newly built homes.