What is a Chimney Brush?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
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Woman with a flower

A chimney brush is a tool that is used by chimney sweeps to clean a chimney space. The chimney brush has been used for centuries as the main way to remove debris from a clogged chimney. While this type of brush was once the only tool that chimney cleaners used, today the brush is used in conjunction with specialized chimney vacuums and cameras.

Traditional chimney brushes did not bend or rotate, though modern brushes are far more advanced. Today, there are numerous types of brushes to select from. Choosing the right chimney brush is a matter of determining the kind of chimney that you have. Chimneys that have liners inside of them will require flexible brushes that are made from nylon. Those chimneys that are considered artisan chimneys are best cleaned with soft spiral brushes.

Hiring a chimney sweep is the best way to effectively clean any chimney space. In fact, the profession can be traced all the way back to medieval times. Throughout civilization, people have always needed a way to clean their chimneys. Therefore, the occupation of a chimney sweep grew out of necessity. Even today, chimney sweeps are needed across the globe in order to keep dangerous soot from building up inside of a chimney.

The chimney brush still proves to be the best way to rid a chimney of soot. Those homeowners who intend to clean their own chimneys can purchase a brush at a local hardware store. However, it should be mentioned that neglecting to properly clean a chimney can result in a fire. This is precisely why it is recommended that all homeowners hire chimney sweeps to complete this job accurately and properly.

In order to use a chimney brush, a rod must be attached to the end of it. Rods come in all lengths, though shorter rods are often easier for amateurs to control. Chimney sweeps used to use short rods in order to clean all chimneys, since they would simply jump inside of a chimney in order to thoroughly clean it. Modern chimney sweeps tend to use longer rods that allow them to clean a chimney from the bottom, rather than the top, though these rods are difficult to control without years of experience.

It is recommended that all chimneys within a home be cleaned at least once per year. Neglecting to have a chimney properly cleaned can be dangerous. Since soot and ash build-up inside of a chimney tower, these flammable materials can easily combust once a fire has been lighted. Even though some fireplace logs claim to clean while they burn, these logs should not be used in place of a proper chimney cleaning.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower