What are the Different Types of Chimney Cleaning Services?

Erin Oxendine

Most homeowners utilize chimney cleaning services if they own a home with a chimney. A chimney sweep company can provide different services that will help the chimney to be efficient and safe. Chimney professionals also give homeowners peace of mind that their chimneys both meet fire codes and are clean and efficient.

Improperly cleaned chimneys may cause house fires.
Improperly cleaned chimneys may cause house fires.

One of the most important chimney cleaning services a company can offer are chimney inspections. Many companies offer yearly inspections or specific inspections for when someone buys or sells a home. The technicians look at the inside of the chimney, check for cracked flue tiles, and see if any mortar joints are missing. The rest of the inspection covers fire hazards, carbon monoxide levels, and the general condition of the chimney.

Another service that chimney cleaning services offer customers is chimney cleaning. During the cleaning, the chimney technicians clean out the fireplace and the various chimney parts. Some technicians will even look on the roof for loose shingles that could fall into the chimney and cause damage. This service also includes dusting the smoke chamber, firebox, hearth, and ash door.

Some of the more versatile chimney cleaning services will also repair chimneys. Left untreated, cracks can cause a chimney to weaken, resulting in the homeowner having more repairs as the chimney gets older. The staff at a chimney sweep company may be able to rebuild a fireplace and add mortar and bricks to a deteriorating chimney. Other services include tearing down the original chimney and completely building a new structure. The chimney masonry can also fix a leaning chimney or block in leaks on the foundation.

Many chimney cleaning services perform dryer vent inspections, since faulty vents can be the cause of house fires. A representative from the chimney company can show the homeowner the proper way to clean the vent. The professional will also check to make sure the vent is blowing out properly and there is not any lint on the heating system.

One unique service that some chimney cleaning services can provide is the ability to get rid of odors in fireplaces and chimneys. Certain smoke residues can build up over time and form creosote deposits, which can make a room or entire house smell like smoke. A professional chimney sweep will evaluate the chimney to determine why the smoke is not flowing properly out of the house. The technician may need to re-route the vents or repair the chimney to correct the air pressure.

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