What are Chimney Kits?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
Chimney kits are used to vent a wood-burning stove.
Chimney kits are used to vent a wood-burning stove.

Chimney kits are pre-packaged pieces of piping that allow a wood burning stove to be vented outside of a home. Kits may be designed to vent heat heat and dangerous gases from a wood burning stove, or they may be designed to work with existing brick-and-mortar fireplaces. Chimney kits are designed for home and building owners who wish to complete the installation of such a stove personally, without the involvement of a paid professional.

Wood burning stoves can be installed in an existing house as an alternative source of heat. These units must be vented to prevent excess heat and potentially dangerous fumes from entering the home. Use of incorrect piping can cause gases to leak into living spaces and can also create potential fire hazards wherever piping may come in contact with combustible building materials, such as wood and insulation. Chimney kits contain material that has been approved for use with extreme fire and extreme heat and are guaranteed to properly protect both the home and its owner from the hazards that are associated with installing this type of heating element.

The homeowner should inspect the pitch of his or her roof and ceiling prior to purchasing a chimney kit. The enclosed piping typically vents the stove through the ceiling and the roof to end several feet above the tallest peek of the house. This prevents escaping heat from damaging the roof or setting it on fire. Kits are designed to fit homes with flat ceilings, cathedral ceilings, and pitched roofs, among other options. Chimney kits are also available that run the piping directly from the stove through an outside wall to connect it to the upright portion of the piping.

Chimney kits will include the different types of piping which are required for each portion of the chimney. Stove pipe may be used to connect the wood burning stove to the piping that will vent to the outside. Insulated chimney piping is necessary for any portions of the project which will touch other building materials. Kits will also typically include chimney cleaning brushes, angled viewing mirrors, and the specific type of finishing collars to attach the piping to the roof.

Brick and mortar fireplaces may be lined with chimney kits that are designed specifically for use with that type of design. Brick and mortar chimneys can become damaged over time as mortar wears out in the joints between the fireproof tiles that line the interior of the structure. Tiles may also become cracked, blocking the vent passage and allowing gas to leak into the home. Chimney liner kits generally provide galvanized steel piping that may be inserted into the existing flue to correct and prevent further damage.

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    • Chimney kits are used to vent a wood-burning stove.
      By: Paul Maguire
      Chimney kits are used to vent a wood-burning stove.