How do I Choose the Best Chimney Service?

Malcolm Tatum

Many people choose to utilize a chimney service in order to keep their chimneys in proper working order. This is a process that involves not only regular cleaning, but also care and maintenance to make sure the structure remains sturdy and functional. If you want to choose the best service for your needs, here are a few tips on how to make your selection.

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Your first task is to assemble a list of chimney cleaning services available in your community. There are several ways to go about creating your list. Looking in the telephone directory is often a good place to begin, as it will also provide you with a contact phone number for each chimney service listed. You can also check with local business associations, like the chamber of commerce. Thanks to the Internet, you can go online and conduct a search for chimney cleaners that provide services in your area.

Don’t overlook the possibility of getting a few contact names and information from friends and others in your social network. If you know people who have chimneys, chances are they can recommend one or two services personally. You may also find out details about different services that indicate you should not waste your time contacting them for a quote, either because they are currently not accepting new clients, or they have a reputation for poor performance or customer care.

Once you have your list, contact each chimney service and invite them to assess your chimney and provide a quote encompassing all the cleaning and maintenance they believe is necessary. Always get the quote in writing. If a service balks at providing the quote after an inspection of your chimney, strike that service off your list. In like manner, if a service does nothing more than take a quick glance at the chimney and present you with a quote obviously prepared in advance, thank the representative and move on to the next service on your list.

After narrowing the list down to only the chimney cleaners who took the time to give your chimney a close inspection and prepared a quote based on their findings, find out all you can about these services. Ask for references and follow up on them. Make a point to ask for information about the quality of the work itself, as well as the ease of scheduling appointments, and how prompt the chimney service is when it comes to showing up at the appointed time. Also ask if the customer would hire the service again.

Be prepared to hear both positive and negative feedback, since no chimney service can please all its all customers all of the time. When you hear negative feedback, such as the team handling the chimney sweeping showing up late, find out what the company did to make up for the inconvenience. This will help you get an idea of just how much the company values their relationships with customers, a factor that definitely should be considered before you make any kind of commitment.

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