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What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Salon Equipment?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Purchasing wholesale salon equipment can be beneficial from a cost standpoint, because it usually is cheaper than buying retail. You may see additional benefits if you tend to stick to one main wholesale supplier, because you'll save time by not having to visit various vendors and suppliers may give their best customers better deals than they would give customers with less spending clout. At the same time, buying wholesale may not be practical if you have to buy more than you need to get a discount, and the quality of some wholesale equipment might not be as good as you might find elsewhere.

The most obvious benefit of buying wholesale salon equipment is that it can be an inexpensive way to get a lot of equipment. Whether you plan on owning a salon or wish to sell salon equipment for a profit, this method often is considered the cheapest option when buying in bulk. This is because most companies selling wholesale items mark down each piece when selling large quantities, so you may end up getting 10 shampoo chairs, curling irons or other salon products for the price of nine, for example. If you only need a few of each item, then you may benefit from buying individual pieces from a retailer.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another plus of buying wholesale salon equipment is the ease of the transaction when you buy several items from one company. You could spend time looking for deals at various stores and buying one or two products at each location until you have what you need. This method, however, tends to take a lot of time, and it can be difficult to repeatedly transport large salon equipment from each store. When you purchase wholesale salon equipment, you only need to shop at one store, and you typically can get it all transported at once. If you choose to have it shipped to the site where it will stay, then you often can get a discount when you buy it all from the same company.

In some cases, purchasing wholesale salon equipment is not recommended, especially when it comes to large items, such as chairs and mirrors. For example, you may find that the upfront cost of buying several items at once is too much for you, in which case buying each item separately may make more sense. In addition, it can be risky to purchase several products from one company, because you may discover after the purchase is final that the quality is low. In this case, it may be difficult to return all the products and get your money back. If you are not sure of the quality, then you may want to buy just one item first to find out if you should purchase more products from the same vendor.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book