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How do I get Wholesale Equipment?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

You may be able to obtain wholesale equipment in a variety of ways, depending on the equipment you are looking for. Equipment may be purchased new or used, and many brands are available for the choosing. The first place to look is online, followed by local clubs and retailers.

There are websites available that offer wholesale equipment exclusively. Many offer trucks, cars, and construction-related equipment like excavators and compact tractors. Some of these sites require a membership fee before you can make a purchase, although in many cases a free trial membership may be offered. In addition to fees, there may be a minimum purchase required within a specific time frame in order to remain a member.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Another way to get wholesale equipment is to join a drop shipping website. This would still require a membership fee, but the amount you will save on any equipment you purchase will more than make up for the price of membership. You will also be given the chance to sell equipment to others through your own website at a marked up priced. This means you take an order for someone buying equipment, you place an order with the site at wholesale price, and charge your buyer full retail price. The difference is your profit to keep.

If joining a membership site is not appealing to you, you may also try getting wholesale equipment by contacting manufacturers directly. Although this may not always be possible, sometimes manufacturers have merchandise that is not selling as quickly as they'd like, refurbished equipment, and used equipment that has been returned. Sometimes they may be willing to sell these items to you at wholesale prices to get rid of them. Just be sure to get an accurate description of the item's condition before you buy, since returns are not generally an option with this type of sale.

In some cases, although not very often, you may be able to get wholesale equipment by talking a retailer down in price. Most times you will not get them down to wholesale prices, but you can often get a good deal if you haggle. Retailers may also have returned equipment or damaged equipment that they are willing to sell at near wholesale prices. You may also consider checking your local phone directory for wholesale clubs in your area. These are retailers who sell items at wholesale, generally by charging a monthly or yearly membership fee.

Keep a few things in mind before you buy wholesale. Wholesale equipment does not always come with the same return policy that retail priced items may have. For this reason, you should always look into the brand you are purchasing as well as the model to be sure it is a quality item. Customer reviews may be available online, and these can give you a good idea on an item's quality.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill