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How Do I Choose the Best Salon Hair Dryer?

Kaiser Castro
Kaiser Castro

A salon hair dryer differs from commercial hair dryers in design and utilized technologies. Selecting the best salon hair dryer for your hair and lifestyle will require careful consideration. Being mindful of the hair dryer's design and additional blow dryer accessories that come packaged with the salon hair dryer will ultimately help you to decide on the hair dryer that is right for you.

Be very mindful of the heating element that is being used by the salon hair dryer. Professional hair dryers should use professional parts that will promote hair health. Make sure that the salon hair dryer uses tourmaline or ceramic plates as its main heating element. Cheaper hair dryers tend to use plastic or cheap metals as their heating element, which only create inconsistent heat that can damage hair follicles.

Heat setting should be examined when purchasing a salon hair dryer.
Heat setting should be examined when purchasing a salon hair dryer.

Tourmaline and ceramic create negative ions when heat is applied. A salon hair dryer that is designed with such technology will not only dry hair quicker and more comprehensively, but will also seal the hair follicles. The big, puffy hair that is sometimes associated with commercial hair dryers is eliminated with salon-grade hair dryers. Hair dryers sold at drug stores tend to be more affordable due to the fact that they switch out the negative-ion producing ceramic and tourmaline technology for other designs that will only compromise the hair’s health.

Not only should you be mindful of the type of technologies implemented in the salon hair dryer, but you should also select a hair dryer that comes pre- packaged with accessories. Hair accessories like a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser can help to streamline the blow drying process. Each attachment, however, has a number of pros and cons of which you should be aware.

Concentrator nozzles will concentrate the blast of hot air onto sections of hair. These attachments can benefit those with thick, straight hair. You will have to be very careful with concentrator nozzles - focusing hot air onto any section of hair for too long will end up damaging it.

Salon hair dryers that come packaged with a diffuser will benefit those who seek to preserve the natural curl pattern of the hair. Some diffusers are created with tourmaline in them, allowing them to create even more negative ions when hot air passes through. Kinky, curly, or even wavy hair can reap the curl-defining benefits of a hair diffuser.

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    • Heat setting should be examined when purchasing a salon hair dryer.
      By: fuzzbones
      Heat setting should be examined when purchasing a salon hair dryer.