What Is a Brush Hair Dryer?

Crystal Cook

A brush hair dryer is a popular styling tool. It is one of many types of hair dryers and is used by those who enjoy saving time. The brush hair dryer comes with brush and comb attachments so that hair can be styled while it is being dried. A brush hair dryer might have several speeds and might have a cold air blast setting that will freeze a hairstyle in place. Many of these hair dryers have a dual voltage setting for people who travel.

A brush hair dryer can be used like a traditional hair dryer when the attachments are removed.
A brush hair dryer can be used like a traditional hair dryer when the attachments are removed.

Out of the various types of hair dryers, the brush hair dryer might be the most convenient. This hair dryer makes it easy to style hair while at the same time drying it, eliminating the need to dry and then style. A hair dryer with a brush attachment can be used to remove tangles and knots from wet hair. Hair dryers with comb attachments are useful for both removing knots and tangles as well as for styling. Some models come only with a single brush attachment, and other models have various attachments, such as round brushes, combs and bristle brushes.

Using a brush hair dryer is not difficult. The hair dryer can be used like any standard hair dryer when the attachments are removed. Adding a brush attachment will aid in the removal of tangles and knots. Comb attachments work well for removing tangles but are better for styling. Either attachment is useful for helping hair to dry faster.

When buying a brush hair dryer, one should consider the purposes for which it will be used. If the hair dryer is to be used for simply drying and brushing the hair, then a simple model will work well. A model that has more attachments is better for someone who is planning to use the hair dryer to style hair.

The price for brush hair dryers is in the same range as the price for regular hair dryers. The additional convenience of a brush attachment can offset the price even more, because extra brushes are not needed when styling hair. These types of hair dryers allow for salon looks at home without having to actually go to a salon and pay a salon price.

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