What Are the Different Types of Sales Coordinator Jobs?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Newspapers may employ a sales coordinator to sell classified advertising.
Newspapers may employ a sales coordinator to sell classified advertising.

Different sales coordinator jobs range from work that is primarily that of a administrative assistant or department secretary to a sales position that also includes some administrative duties. Typically, a sales coordinator supports several sales team members and may provide support for an entire sales department. Depending on their associated duties, sales coordinator jobs may be entry-level positions for those who aspire to a career in sales or may actually be a more advanced position for a secretary or administrative assistant.

A sales coordinator is often responsible for smooth operation of a sales department and for assisting team members in their efforts to develop new business and to service existing clients. Most sales coordinators will be expected to help prepare sales materials for distribution to current and potential clients. The sales coordinator may also need to complete typical office management duties, such as filing, submitting invoices, and ordering necessary supplies for the department.

In businesses where the sales team travels frequently, the sales coordinator may be responsible for managing travel arrangements. If the sales team plans to have a presence at an industry event or trade show, the sales coordinator may be expected to travel to the show to provide practical support. For example, he or she may be expected to help set up and staff a trade show booth. If a company hosts a cocktail hour or hospitality suite, the coordinator may be asked to be on hand to assist guests and to ensure that the event proceeds as planned.

Some sales coordinator jobs also include a customer service component. Sales coordinators may have access to the sales department's database and files so that the coordinator can assist clients with basic issues. This can remove some of the workload from the sales team. A sales coordinator may also be responsible for screening potential clients or responding to initial requests for product or service information.

In some companies, those who hold sales coordinator jobs may be responsible for certain types of sales activity. For example, if a publication has a classified advertising section, the sales coordinator may assume responsibility for selling these ads and coordinating their placement. He or she may also be fully responsible for working with clients who place these ads and may receive a commission for his or her efforts. This type of sales coordinator job may often lead to a more significant sales position, particularly because it incorporates sales activity with administrative duties.

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    • Newspapers may employ a sales coordinator to sell classified advertising.
      By: Feng Yu
      Newspapers may employ a sales coordinator to sell classified advertising.