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What Are the Different Types of Medium Haircut Styles?

Renee Booker
Renee Booker

A woman's hairstyle is often an important part of her overall appearance and personal style. The length of the hair is a critical aspect of the hairstyle as this forms the base from which all other styling elements are built. Medium haircut styles are often preferable because of the versatility of styling and maintenance, as well as the fact that they can be either bold or subdued.

One of the more common medium-length hairstyles is the plain medium cut. The plain medium cut features hair that comes to about shoulder length, with a simple center part that allows the hair to fall evenly to either side. For a more offbeat look, an off-center part can be implemented that will allow a small portion of hair to hang over the face. With plain medium haircut styles, the hair is often straightened with a slight inward curl at the bottom of the hair. This hairstyle is very low maintenance, requiring only a brush and hairspray or a little gel to achieve the perfect look.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Among other contemporary medium haircut styles is the simple fringe cut with outwardly curled ends. This style was very popular in the 1960s, but remains a popular choice in the 21st century. Many women with naturally straight hair constantly battle to keep their hair from flipping outward at the ends, while other women prefer this style. This style is very versatile and can be worn with various lengths, as well as a middle or off-center part. Maintenance is very simple, and requires only a straightener, as well as a curling iron and hairspray to style the ends.

Less common, but equally attractive, medium haircut styles also include the tapered cut with a full fringe. A tapered cut style features shorter hair in the front with progressively longer strands as you wrap around to the back, which creates a sort of downward slope along the edge of the hair. This style is usually worn with a center part and a full-length fringe that actually serves as the foremost section of the taper leading all the way around to the back of the hair. The hair should be layered to prevent the hair looking too uniform, but is usually worn straightened so that the taper is noticeable. Maintenance for a tapered hairstyle is extremely simple and can be accomplished using only a brush; however, the fringe is often styled using a gel or spray.

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I've been looking at all sorts of short haircut styles for women and bob haircut styles, and now I am starting to lean towards getting a medium haircut. I have curly hair and it is tough for me to straighten my hair every morning and still get to work on time.

I think that if I went with a medium haircut it might be more manageable than the long style I have now. I am concerned about going to short because I am worried my hair will just go into a frizzy mess. Does anyone have curly hair and find that a medium style works best for you? If not what do you recommend?


@animegal - There are actually some great lists out there that have medium haircut photos included with the top looks for those with round faces. You may want to checkout some of the style blogs online. One list I like is the Hairstyles for Round Faces: 20 Flattering Cuts. You should look it up.

As far as celebrity inspiration goes for medium haircuts I would check out some images of Jessica Biel, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz. These ladies all rock medium haircut styles in a flattering way and really help to slim their faces. You wouldn't even know they were known for having round faces in the entertainment industry.


I have a rounder face and I am wondering if anyone can suggest some pictures of haircut styles that really show some sexy medium length looks?

I have tried searching for haircut styles for medium hair online and am having trouble finding anything that I think would look good on me, so perhaps someone might know of a celebrity that has managed to pull of a nice look with a rounder face?

Right now my hair is very long and I am willing to take the plunge and cut it shorter if it will slim my face down and is easier to care for. I hate having to fight with my long hair every morning.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book