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What Are the Different Types of Long Haircut Styles?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Some of the different types of long haircut styles are buns, updos and plain straight styles. Buns and updos are quite versatile, with slight changes making the style more appropriate for formal or casual events. Simple straight styles are good for everyday wear, but they can easily be dressed up for formal events. Curly styles are similar, though they have more options than a straight style. A wearer can choose between several different kinds of curls, or even combine them for a unique style.

A simple bun can be both casual or formal when it comes to long haircut styles. Buns are also a very versatile hairstyle that can be worn up high, low, or messy. Some people even wear buns to one side of the head rather than in the middle. The wearer can also play with different hair parts, fringe or bangs, and hair accessories. This hairstyle works with most long haircut styles and a simple bun can be achieved in mere minutes.

Straight, long hair is rarely out of style.
Straight, long hair is rarely out of style.

Updos are hairstyles that work best for long haircut styles rather than short or medium ones. People who have really short hair usually cannot achieve an updo, while people who have medium hair can sometimes achieve a few updo styles. The hair is usually gathered into a high ponytail, then given a formal style. Updos are popular for weddings, dinner parties, and other formal events. Some updos are messy or relaxed and used in more casual settings.

Straight long haircut styles rarely go out of style. For a finished look, many people apply a shine serum and then blow dry the hair perfectly straight. This style can be worn with or without fringe. If the style seems too plain for an outfit, bold hair accessories can be added for definition. It is important to keep serums away from the roots of the hair though, because this will make the roots look greasy.

There are dozens of different kinds of curls that can be achieved with a few curling irons. Long hair can show off an abundance of curls well, sometimes with less upkeep than a straight style. Using a finishing spray or gel can help the style last throughout the day with minimum frizz. Curly hair usually has enough going on without accessories, but adding a subtle clip or band can help pull together an outfit. Both people who have curly hair and those who have naturally straight hair can achieve a curly hair style.

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    • Straight, long hair is rarely out of style.
      By: Sergey Nivens
      Straight, long hair is rarely out of style.