How Do I Choose the Best Haircut for Thick Hair?

Helen Akers

Choosing the best haircut for thick hair depends on length preference as well as whether the hair is naturally straight, curly, or wavy. Thick hair tends to be heavy and coarse and can appear to be somewhat unruly if not styled properly. While professional stylists will be able to recommend and choose the best haircut for thick hair, common techniques such as layering, thinning, and the use of hair control gels can help.

Woman with thick hair.
Woman with thick hair.

Hairstylists will generally use different techniques for long, medium, and short length hairstyles. The goal of any haircut for thick hair is to make it more manageable and appealing. For those who wish to maintain a long length, the use of multiple layers is effective.

A woman with thick hair.
A woman with thick hair.

Some individuals with thick, long hair might choose to add some body by highlighting their hair's natural curl or wave. This can be accomplished with the use of a few styling aids, such as hot rollers, root enhancers and holding spray. With thick hair it is important to try and smooth out any frizz, especially in humid climates where hair is more prone to this. Some stylists might recommend thinning portions of the hair, which is accomplished with a special type of shears that remove some of the hair's density.

A medium length haircut for thick hair also focuses on layers. These hairstyles usually incorporate several sets that may begin near the cheekbones of the face and taper down to the shoulder. Layers tend to help frame the face and add some body to hair that may become weighted down. Curling irons can be used to create light curls near the face, but the use of hair tamers, root and shine enhancers is also recommended.

Short hair styles can be tricky to pull off on thick hair, especially if it is naturally curly or wavy. The hair tends to crunch or curl up as it gets shorter since it is not as weighed down. Sometimes stylists will thin out portions of the hair for shorter haircuts and leave other portions fuller.

Bangs can be a great addition to a short haircut for thick hair. They help add some definition and control to the hair, while leaving most of its fullness. Face shape is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to incorporate bangs. In general, longer bangs are recommended for thick hair. They can be especially helpful for individuals with high foreheads as the bangs tend to conceal much of the length associated with a larger bone structure.

Hot rollers can give thick hair some natural curl or wave.
Hot rollers can give thick hair some natural curl or wave.

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