How Do I Choose the Best Hair Gel for Thick Hair?

Kristeen Moore

Thick hair is often envied by people with thinner locks, but if you have this type, you will still likely require specific products in order to look your best. Hair gel for thick hair is used as a tool to keep a particular style in place, and you will likely require a brand that provides extra hold. Choosing a hair gel also depends on how you want to style your hair, as well as the climate in which you reside. There are also other products aside from hair gel for thick hair that you might consider trying if this styling aid does not produce the results that you want.

Woman with thick hair.
Woman with thick hair.

Hair gel is a popular styling aid that is used to keep locks in place, and its strength rests in between hairsprays and glues. Due to a variety of hair types, many brands of gel come in different strengths so that consumers can utilize the most appropriate amount of hold for their style. Some brands provide numbers on their product labels that indicate the amount of strength that a bottle offers, with hair gel for thick hair generally produces the strongest hold of all of these types of products. If a particular brand does not specify whether it is appropriate for your thick hair, then look for one that has the strongest hold so that it will lock your style in place.

A gel with extra hold will probably be needed for someone with thick hair.
A gel with extra hold will probably be needed for someone with thick hair.

Another consideration when looking for hair gel for thick hair is the style that you ultimately want to achieve. No matter what style you do desire, keep in mind that using a gel will make the hair somewhat stiff. Gels can work to make hair either curly or straight, so you will want to find the corresponding products. Curling gels generally come in tubs or bottles, while many straightening tools come in the form of gel sprays. You should look for a brand that specifically fights frizz if you live in a damp and humid climate.

If a particular type of gel does not produce the desired results, you might instead consider other kinds of thick hair products. Mousse tends to work well in thick hair because it does not add as much weight as gel. A serum is another popular styling product for thick locks, but it is generally used to help to fight frizz and for a straightening purposes. You will also want to use a shampoo and a conditioner for thick locks in order to increase the efficacy of your styling products.

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