How Do I Care for Thick Hair with Bangs?

Jodee Redmond

The trick to caring for thick hair with bangs is to start with a good haircut. Visiting a professional hairstylist regularly for a trim will help to keep thick hair looking its best. Since thick hair takes longer to dry and style than its thinner counterpart, extra time may be needed for these grooming activities.

Applying a good quality conditioner to the hair should help combat frizz.
Applying a good quality conditioner to the hair should help combat frizz.

Thick hair is something to be admired, since it has the natural body to look good in a number of styles. One great choice for thick hair with bangs is to ask the hairstylist for a bob. This is an attractive look for straight or wavy hair, and can be adapted to a chin or shoulder length, depending on the woman’s preferences. Parting the hair on one side means that a wispy bang can be added to the style.

Not everyone who has thick hair with bangs is interested in wearing it in a blunt cut. In a case where the hair tends to get bushy as it gets longer, a hairstylist can cut the hair into layers to take advantage of its natural body while keeping the volume down. A razor cut can help to thin out the layers while keeping some length to the hair. Bangs can be used to frame the face if this type of style is chosen.

To keep thick hair with bangs looking its best, you should plan to visit the hairdresser about once every six weeks or so. The bangs will need to be trimmed at that point. If the person has grown tired of wearing bangs and wants to grow them out, the stylist can suggest hairstyle options the client can wear until this part of the hair is long enough to incorporate into a new look.

One of the drawbacks to having thicker hair is the time it takes to dry it. The longer the hair, the more time this process will take after washing it. One thing that a person who has thick hair with bangs can do is to make a point of wringing out the hair to remove as much water as possible before leaving the shower area. The hair should be gently towel dried before styling to avoid breakage, which can lead to split ends and an unattractive appearance.

A thick hair with bangs style is not immune to becoming frizzy during times when humidity is high. Applying a good quality conditioner to the hair should help to combat this problem. A leave-in conditioner which is sprayed directly onto the hair can be used for this purpose.

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