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What Are the Best Tips for DIY Hairstyles?

A.E. Freeman
A.E. Freeman

DIY hairstyles allow people to have stylish hair without paying high salon prices. When choosing a DIY hairstyle, a person should pick one that she feels she will be able to do on her own. The best DIY hairstyles can be done in the morning before work or school and don't require dramatic haircuts or coloring. For best results, a person should start with clean hair, and the number of products used in the hair should be kept to a minimum.

Before attempting DIY hairstyles, a person should wash and dry her hair. If frizzy hair is usually a problem for her, she should use a blow dryer to completely dry the hair. Otherwise, letting the hair air dry should be sufficient. People with very dry hair may wish to apply a leave-in conditioner before styling, although this is not necessary.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

Simple DIY hairstyles include braids, a bun, or letting the hair fall in gentle waves around the face. A person can style her hair into gentle waves without much trouble as long as the hair is the right length. Shoulder-length or longer hair works best for this style. Braiding the hair and then undoing the braid is a quick and easy way to get soft waves without using any hair products or a curling iron.

Another easy DIY hairstyle is a braid. A woman can braid all of her hair into a single braid or make a small braid out of a small section of the hair. In some circles, very loose braids are popular DIY hairstyles. Braids are a quick style ideal for rushed mornings.

Twisting the hair up into a bun is a quick hairstyle that almost anyone can do herself. The hair doesn't need to be very long for a bun. A person should be able to gather it into a ponytail, though. Some people hold a bun up with bobby pins, which can require a lot of effort and pins, while others secure it with a second elastic. Another option is to tie the ponytail into a knot to make a bun.

While hair products can hold DIY hairstyles in place, the risk of overusing the products and weighing down the hair is great. When making a DIY hairstyle, a person should stick with one product. Hairspray can prevent flyaways in a ponytail or bun, for example. If a person is wearing her hair down, using mousse can help add volume and texture.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze