How Do I Choose the Best Hairstyle for Thick Hair?

Christina Edwards

A hairstyle for thick hair should either be very short or long, since shaggy medium cuts can sometimes cause thick hair to look unkempt. Long layers, bangs, and waves can all add movement to thick hair. Braids and up dos are also an excellent way to keep thick hair contained.

French braids often look great on those with thick hair.
French braids often look great on those with thick hair.

The length of a hairstyle for thick hair will often determine how easy or hard it is to maintain. Short and medium styles are usually hard for people with thick hair to maintain. Long hair cuts, past the shoulders, are usually recommended. Very short haircuts also work well for people with thick hair. These are very easy to style, and hair typically pulls less on the scalp.

Woman with thick hair.
Woman with thick hair.

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When cutting a hairstyle for thick hair, many professionals recommend adding layers to the hair. This will make the hair lighter and add movement. Long layers are typically best for thick hair. Short layers may be to difficult to style and maintain.

The shape of one's face should be considered when choosing a layered hairstyle.
The shape of one's face should be considered when choosing a layered hairstyle.

Adding bangs to a hairstyle for thick hair is another good way to lighten the weight of the hair pulling on the scalp. These also help keep heavy locks of hair from hanging in the face. There are several different types of bangs to choose from, depending on a person's facial and hair features. Layered or side swept bangs usually look best on people with thick hair. People with curly hair, however, should avoid bangs, since they can be hard to style.

Although very curly hair that is thick can be very difficult to style, adding waves to thick hair can also add movement and dimension. These waves can be added to straight hair with a large-barrel curling iron. Hair can also be braided when it is wet, and released when it is dry. The result will usually be very wavy hair, depending on the size of the braids.

A classic braid is also an excellent and relatively simple hairstyle for thick hair. One braid, using all of the hair, can be left to hang down the back. The hair can also be parted, and two braids can fall on either side of the head. French braids, on the other hand, are an elegant twist on the classic braid, but these are a little more difficult to create.

Braids and other up dos are typically excellent for thick hair, since they keep the hair from hanging in the face and on the shoulders. A classic high ponytail is one example. Like the braid, this look is easy to achieve, and all that is usually needed is an elastic band. Just the top and sides of the hair can also be pulled back, and this is usually referred to as an partial or half up do. This type of hairstyle for thick hair is great for people who want to keep their hair away from their faces, but can't or don't want to put all of their hair up.

People with curly hair should avoid bangs.
People with curly hair should avoid bangs.

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