How Do I Choose the Best Styling Gel?

D. Grey

Some of the factors that may influence choice of styling gel are what kind of hair the user has, how the styling gel will affect his or her hair, the characteristics of the gel, and whether or not the gel is scented. Different kinds of hair can react differently to a given gel, so choosing the best one often depends on the length or texture of the hair. The degree to which the styling gel affects the hair is also something to consider as well as any additional steps, such as blow drying, that need to be taken in order to attain the desired look. The user should also decide whether he or she wishes to use a gel that is scented.

The best styling gel can depend on how one's hair will be affected.
The best styling gel can depend on how one's hair will be affected.

The best styling gel helps in styling hair in the way that is most pleasing. This may depend on the length of the user's hair. For example, individuals with long hair can benefit from using a very light styling gels, which can keep the hair from appearing heavy or stringy. Those with short hair may have a bit more flexibility in the kind of gel they decide to use and generally have an easier time using thick or strong gels. Stronger styling gels can be used for spiked hair or for creating a ruffled look.

Hair texture may also be a factor in selecting a styling gel as well as whether or not the hair has been artificially colored. For individuals with coarse or dry hair, a gel that softens or moisturizes the hair may be a good choice. Thin or very light hair may benefit from a gel that isn't too thick, which can prevent the hair from clumping or appearing greasy. Individuals who use hair color should look for a gel that is specifically designed not to interfere with these products.

Scented styling gel is another option to consider and is usually available in a wide variety of different fragrances. Care should be taken to make sure that this scent does not conflict with other hair products or scents, which may prompt buyers to seek out unscented gels. Another feature of a styling gel to consider is whether it moisturizes or protects hair in any way, which can be helpful for individuals who spend extended periods of time outdoors or in direct sunlight.

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