How Do I Get the Perfect Haircut?

D. Nelson

Many people believe that appearance is incredibly important, especially when it comes to making good first impressions. While many understand that looks aren't everything, they do know that achievements such as getting a new job or being accepted into a prestigious club, group, school, or organization are more easily attained when a person is dressed for success. A haircut might be essential to making a good impression since it can be one of first features a person notices about you. To get the perfect haircut, you first should consider which hairstyle you would like. It also is important to find a haircare professional whom you trust to do a great job.

A hairstylist cutting a short bob. An experienced stylist should be able to match a haircut to her client's face shape and personality.
A hairstylist cutting a short bob. An experienced stylist should be able to match a haircut to her client's face shape and personality.

There are two ways to determine which hairstyle makes the perfect haircut. If you are interested in changing your day to day look, then you may want to consider the clothes you often wear. Think about where you spend most of your time and what kind of dress is expected. For example, if you move in professional circles, the perfect haircut might be one that is sleek and modern, though not too flamboyant. A creative person who is not expected to look like a professional can try a more innovative hairstyle and experiment with unique cuts and coloring.

Another way to determine which style might make the perfect haircut is to think about an event that you have to attend. For example, if you are a member of a wedding party, you should consult the bride or groom. Find out what kind of look they would prefer. If you are getting ready for a big job interview, choose a style that you already are comfortable with, this way you can act naturally and feel assured that you look good. A new hairstyle with which you are uncomfortable can cause stress.

In most cases, the perfect haircut is a result of a hair stylist's skills. If you need to find a new stylist, you can ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues for recommendations. Sometimes a brief visit to a salon is enough to tell you if a particular establishment can provide you with a hairstyle that you like.

To ensure that you get the perfect haircut, you may want to find a series of pictures from magazines that feature the hairstyle you want. You can bring these examples into the salon you have chosen. With your hair dresser you can discuss options regarding length, texture, and color.

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