What are the Different Types of Custom Blinds?

Patti Kate

Custom blinds are made-to-order window treatments that commonly come in the form of vertical blinds and wooden blinds. For example, vertical custom blinds can be designed to fit bay windows and French doors. Less traditional custom-made blinds sometimes are made from aluminum or vinyl. Faux wood blinds are an alternative to natural wood, and these are easier to maintain. Most designs of custom blinds are more costly than ready-made styles, which are commonly found in department stores.

Custom blinds may be made to fit French doors.
Custom blinds may be made to fit French doors.

Custom blinds can be purchased from specialty stores and usually are suitable for all types of decor. Custom blinds are typically designed to meet specific requirements, such as unusual window dimensions. Aluminum or vinyl blinds can offer more flexibility in terms of lighting control. Many homeowners prefer this type of material for their window treatments, as it tends to repel dust and resist humidity better than other materials. Some are pre-treated with a special scratch- and stain-resistant chemical.

Custom blinds can be designed to fit most types of windows.
Custom blinds can be designed to fit most types of windows.

Diffusion blinds are a uniquely crafted type of custom blinds. Known for their stylish appearance, diffusion blinds also offer added privacy. These styles of custom blinds may be constructed of various types of materials.

Some individuals are concerned with the amount of direct sunlight entering their windows. Natural wood blinds may offer the protection these individuals seek. Blinds made from basswood can offer protection from the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays. In addition, custom-made blinds made from wood generally will last longer than some of the more common types. Wooden styles are less likely to peel over a period of time due to exposure to sun. Wooden blinds may be found in various color stains, including natural or tan.

Custom-made cellular blinds are another popular option. Many of these styles are cordless, a safety feature for homes with young children and infants. Cellular-style blinds are good for insulation as well. These also come in various colors to match home decor.

Remote-control blinds are an option for those who prefer to control the blinds from across the room. These styles of custom window coverings require a hand-held remote control, typically powered by a battery. The remote control feature is an option for windows that are in an out-of-reach location. Most motorized blinds can be custom made to fit various sized windows or French doors as well.

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