How Do I Choose the Best Blinds for French Doors?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
French doors are made up of panes or panels of glass.
French doors are made up of panes or panels of glass.

The best blinds for french doors are those which suit the style and atmosphere of the room in which they will be located. This type of window treatment can be organic or purely functional, and should also be easy to maintain and easy to clean. These items are typically available for purchase at local home improvement stores or through Internet ordering.

French doors are typically defined as two connecting doors. These doors may be constructed of solid wood or a type of vinyl surrounding a large, glass window pane. They may open at the center seam which separates them, to create one large opening. Some french doors, however, are designed to open on opposite sides, creating two separate but closely joined points of egress into a room. This second type of design is often featured in restaurants and businesses to promote an efficient flow of traffic, in which one door serves to welcome customers in, and the opposite door functions as an exit.

Roman shades may be used to create a type of organic blinds for french doors. These shades are typically designed from fabric or closely woven bamboo to create a continuous panel of material. This panel is seamed at regular intervals, and attached on each side to a draw string. When the cord is pulled to raise the shade, each panel folds precisely beneath the one above it to form a folded, draped appearance at the top of the french door. Those who wish to create a natural, flowing atmosphere in their home may prefer the different colors, textures, and styles available in roman shades.

Standard folding blinds for french doors are also available for purchase. These units may be bought separately and attached to the doors over the window pane openings. This type of device must be designed specifically for use with french doors, however, so that it may be connected at both the top and bottom of the door. The dual connection prevents the blinds from swinging away from the door when it is open and closed. This type of construction still requires that the blinds be cleaned regularly, and can result in damage to the blinds if any object is pressed up against the doors.

The best type of folding blinds for french doors are those that are constructed between the two glass panes that form the window on the door. These blinds are controlled by means of an inside pulley system operated by a simple sliding nodule located on the outside of the frame. Consumers can adjust the amount of light allowed into the room by moving one handle to the left or the right, while simultaneously adjusting the height of the shades by means of a second handle which moves up and down. These blinds are contained within a vacuum between the two panes of glass, and do not require any cleaning during the life of the door. They are protected from damage by their glass encasement, and are designed to fit perfectly together for maximum privacy and light control.

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    • French doors are made up of panes or panels of glass.
      French doors are made up of panes or panels of glass.