What are Wooden Blinds?

Mary McMahon

Wooden blinds are adjustable window coverings made from wood. A number of different styles of blind can be made from wooden slats, with venetian blinds being among the most common. Many home supply stores carry or can order wooden blinds by request from customers, and people can also order them directly from manufacturers. Blind manufacturers can fabricate custom products for people who might need wooden blinds of an unusual size or shape to address a non-standard window.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Like other blinds, wooden blinds are designed to create some privacy by obscuring a window so that people have difficulty looking in, and they also contribute to energy efficiency by acting as insulators to prevent heat loss or to help keep rooms cool, depending on the climate. Blinds are also installed for aesthetic reasons as window treatments, since some people find fully uncovered windows unsettling or unpleasant to look at.

Wooden blinds are classically made from slats of wood which can vary in thickness. Almost any wood can be used for blinds, including bamboo, cherry, and pine. The wood may be lightly varnished to allow the natural color and pattern to show, or the wood may be treated and painted a solid color. In addition to classic venetian wooden blinds made from slats of wood which stack together when the blind is raised, wooden blinds can also be made from thin slats of wood which are used to create a solid sheet which can be rolled up.

With venetian blinds, it is possible to adjust the light levels entering a room while leaving the blinds fully lowered. The slats can be angled down to block out more light, or allowed to hang parallel to each other, letting more light in. Roller blinds cannot be adjusted to create varying light levels without raising or lowering the blind. Both designs can be decorated with paintings, tassels, and other ornamental features, or left plain.

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Different interior design schemes can benefit from wooden blinds. These blinds tend to create a warm, rich look whether they are open or closed, although they can be overwhelming for a room with a lot of wood in it, such as a room with wooden paneling. The color of the wood can also be adjusted to coordinate with flooring or furniture in a room. Unlike venetian or roller blinds made from materials like plastic, wooden blinds are also highly durable, and they should not bend, warp, or crack as long as they are well cared for.

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