What are the Different Options for Patio Paving?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree
Brick is a popular type of patio paving stone.
Brick is a popular type of patio paving stone.

There are many different options for patio paving. Texture, Color choice, cost, and installation are usually the primary factors in making a paving choice. Patio paving is available in both poured and precast concrete as well as brick and clay. A patio can also be paved with ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta tiles. Natural stone can be utilized as well.

A poured concrete slab is one of the most durable options for patio paving. The surface of this material can be patterned, rough, or smooth. Stains and dyes may be applied to produce many different colors. The application of a concrete sealer will typically produce a long lasting, low maintenance patio surface. Poured concrete will probably need to be installed by a professional contractor and can be an expensive option for large patios

Precast concrete and clay pavers are another option for a patio surface. These pavers come in several different shapes and sizes and are relatively easy to install. Concrete pavers can be tinted in many different colors, but clay paving colors are somewhat limited. A decorative patio surface can usually be achieved by combining colors or textures. This type of patio paving is typically inexpensive and can be installed as a do-it-yourself project.

Brick is an inexpensive and versatile patio paving material. Brick paving blocks are manufactured in several different colors and textures. Bricks are also sold in varying degrees of strength for use in different climates. A wide array of patio designs can be accomplished with bricks. They can also be installed in combination with other types of paving or utilized as a border material.

Tiles are typically the most expensive patio paving material. Paving tiles are usually made of materials such as clay, terracotta, porcelain, and ceramic. A number of different textures, shapes, sizes, and colors are available for creating elaborate designs and patterns. These paving tiles usually require more maintenance than other materials and are often more fragile. A certain amount of skill is needed to install this type of paving material.

Natural stone materials can also be used in patio paving. These paving stones are usually made of materials such as limestone, quartz, slate, bluestone, or granite. The texture of these pavers varies from smooth to rough; color choice is limited to the type of stone used. Natural stone pavers can be easily installed in sand or mortar and generally require only moderate maintenance. Sealers are available to provide a glossy appearance.

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    • Brick is a popular type of patio paving stone.
      By: Stihl024
      Brick is a popular type of patio paving stone.