What are the Different Maintenance Supervisor Jobs?

Patti Kate

Different maintenance supervisor jobs include apartment maintenance supervisor and hotel maintenance supervisor. Building supervisor jobs may involve working on government structures or other public buildings. Electrical maintenance supervisor jobs require knowledge of electrical work and repairs.

Electrical maintenance supervisors install electrical systems and make needed repairs.
Electrical maintenance supervisors install electrical systems and make needed repairs.

Property manager maintenance supervisors maintain apartments, townhomes, hotels, and motels, among other buildings. This job involves ensuring that all maintenance work on the property is completed and inspections are performed. The supervisor may also be in charge of hiring maintenance personnel and training them for the job.

Manufacturing plant maintenance supervisor jobs may include work pertaining to the retail industry or food service. The plant supervisor will typically be in charge of several maintenance staff members in the plant. He may initiate projects for maintenance plans and repairs. He will typically coordinate scheduling, organizing morning, day, and evening shifts.

Monitoring the safety within buildings is usually a part of maintenance supervisor jobs in schools and hospitals. This may also include routine inspection. In some cases, the supervisor will work with public health officials to ensure a safe environment for everyone occupying the facility. The supervisor will generally have extensive experience in facility maintenance work.

A cable network maintenance supervisor will have broad knowledge of the technical aspect of his job. This will generally include on-site and field operation work. He will supervise maintenance work on cable equipment and parts, and oversee repairs. Troubleshooting with repairs and customer service issues may be other responsibilities for this person. Many of these network maintenance supervisor jobs require higher education, such as a bachelor's degree.

Expert steel technicians who have experience working with tubular products and metal are often hired for steel worker maintenance supervisor jobs. These supervisors typically work alongside craftsmen in welding and other projects. Initiating preventative maintenance is another responsibility of most supervisors in this job.

Another type of maintenance supervisor is one who works in a tool shop or machine shop. He will typically inspect machinery for defects or safety hazards and reinforce quality assurance efforts. Supervising his trainees, he will be sure every worker complies with safety regulations while on the job. He may submit monthly reports on job standards and evaluate the performance of his employees.

Restaurant maintenance supervisor jobs involve quality assurance work on restaurant equipment. The supervisor will typically multi-task between various food areas. Like other maintenance supervisors, the restaurant worker may also work in conjunction with public health inspectors to ensure high standards are being met.

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