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What Are the Different Types of Building Industry Jobs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Building industry jobs range from entry-level laborer positions all the way up to architects, foremen, engineers, and even interior designers. Green construction workers are becoming increasingly common in the industry as well to address the increasing demand for environmentally friendly building techniques. Other building industry jobs may include maintenance managers, skilled laborers, fabricators, manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers and operators, piping engineers, electricians, and many more. Any job that focuses on one or more elements of building, maintaining, or even razing structures is generally considered to be part of the building industry.

Environmental engineers provide a valuable service to the industry as well. These building industry jobs usually go to trained professionals who can assess an area for its suitability for building projects. The environmental engineer will assess the area to make a determination as to whether the area is safe for building and habitation, as well as whether the environmental impact of the construction process will irreparably damage surrounding ecosystems. Many regions of the world require an environmental study before any building project can move forward, and environmental engineers are called in to perform such studies.

Entry-level laborers in the building industry may build homes.
Entry-level laborers in the building industry may build homes.

Once the planning phase is complete, unskilled laborers will move in to set up a job site. These building industry jobs are considered entry-level, and little or no training is necessary to obtain these positions. Skilled laborers, on the other hand, have received specific training that qualifies them to perform higher level tasks, such as welding, framing, or installing electrical components. Skilled laborer building industry jobs generally pay better and offer health and retirement benefits, but the laborer will need to undergo extensive training to secure such positions.

Construction foremen are responsible for managing a job site and ensuring the building is constructed within local laws and regulations and according to appropriate blueprints or plans. These building industry jobs generally go to employees who have worked in construction for many years and have developed skills not only as they pertain to construction, but also as they pertain to managing other employees.

Building code inspectors will inspect a finished building to make sure it was built properly and can be maintained accordingly. Real estate agents may represent a building's owner during the advertising and sale of a property. Interior designers and design engineers will focus on creating an effective and safe layout within the building, both for the safety of inhabitants and for the sake of aesthetics.

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    • Entry-level laborers in the building industry may build homes.
      By: twixx
      Entry-level laborers in the building industry may build homes.