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What Does a Shop Supervisor Do?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

A shop supervisor is a person who monitors staff members to ensure optimal performance in either the production of goods or provision of services. Some key attributes that a shop supervisor should possess are leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively. Individuals in this profession can work in numerous industries, but the primary job duties are basically the same. These include hiring and training staff members, managing staff members, overseeing facility maintenance, handling customer complaints and communicating with other department managers.

Coordinating the hiring and training of staff members is one of the most fundamental duties of a shop supervisor. It's his responsibility to acquire knowledgeable and skilled workers and provide those individuals with proper training. Whether supervising a manufacturing company or a service based business, having the right personnel is essential for success. This duty usually involves interviewing job applicants and assessing each person's skills. Once hired, it's up to the shop supervisor to lead the training program that acclimates new employees to work policies and procedures.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Along with the initial phase of staff acquisition, a shop supervisor must manage his employees on an ongoing basis. If he is working in a manufacturing plant, he will monitor each worker's performance to make sure it met company standards. He will also need to ensure that all workers stay on task in order to meet product creation deadlines. Along with this, a shop supervisor is usually responsible for taking disciplinary actions when employees deviate from job duties.

To keep a facility safe and to comply with government regulations, it's also the shop supervisor's responsibility to oversee facility maintenance. This includes checking various work stations and machines to make sure they are fully functional and safe for workers to use. He might also routinely inspect for cleanliness to ensure that sanitation standards are being met. This aspect of the job is important because it keeps workers safe and improves workplace efficiency.

Another duty for many shop supervisors is handling customer complaints. This mainly happens in service based industries where employees are directly interacting with the public. When issues arise, the shop supervisor must listen to the customer's complaint and decide how to handle the situation. Consequently, this job position requires sound communication skills and the ability to rectify problems.

Communicating with other department managers is an additional job component. To maintain a smooth workflow and keep different departments on the same page, it's important for a shop supervisor to routinely converse with other managers. For smaller facilities, this may be done throughout the course of a work day; for larger facilities, this may involve weekly meetings to discuss important issues.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip