What Does a Quality Assurance Supervisor Do?

Esther Ejim

Quality assurance refers to the various steps that manufacturers and producers embark upon as a part of the drive to ensure that their products are up to the expected standards.This process is applied throughout the various stages involved in manufacturing the said product, from the development to the final production. In this sense, the quality assurance supervisor must be involved in the whole process as a measure of ensuring the quality of the goods.

Quality assurance supervisors ensure that products meet expected standards.
Quality assurance supervisors ensure that products meet expected standards.

One of the duties of the quality assurance supervisor is to ensure that whatever standard the company is aiming to achieve is completely implemented in the production of the product in a uniform manner. For instance, a company that produces breakfast cereal wants to ensure that its product consistently achieves the same quality and standard in every batch. This will require the quality assurance supervisor to actively participate in the production process to make sure that the company does not deviate from its established production process.

Another important aspect of the responsibilities of the quality insurance supervisor is to ensure that the product complies with whatever regulations or consumer safety laws are in place in the area. For instance, in the United States the quality assurance supervisor at the cereal company would have to make sure that the company’s products comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. This is because the FDA is the chief regulatory body that supervises the quality of food items as well as sets safety standards of the same in the United States. As such, the quality assurance supervisor would have to ensure that the different ingredients are acceptable, and that the packaging and labeling of the boxes meet the FDA requirements.

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The quality assurance supervisor must oversee the various aspects of the production process in order to determine the type of improvement that must be made in order to meet the required standards. When he or she notices anything, that information must be relayed to the management of the company for implementation. A quality assurance supervisor must also train the staff on the necessary improvements that must be made in order to fulfill the requirements. He or she must implement a process by which consumers can give feedback regarding the quality of the products. Assuming there is any type of complaint from customers regarding any company products, the quality assurance supervisor would have to respond to the complaints and look for ways of achieving a more satisfactory outcome.

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