What are the Different Kinds of Futon Accessories?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Futon accessories may include blanket throws.
Futon accessories may include blanket throws.
Futon accessories may include blanket throws.

Some types of futon accessories are designed to make the mattress more comfortable to sit or sleep on. Other items might be used to make the piece more decorative or colorful. Most products come in a variety of materials to accommodate a wide range of individual tastes and budgets.

The mattress of a futon might slide back and forth when people sit on it. A futon gripper, sometimes called gripper strips, can be placed on the frame of the futon to help hold it in place. These normally have an adhesive backing that peels off so that it can be stuck directly to the back or seat. The foam of the mattress then adheres to the gripper, which usually helps hold it in place.

A wedge is an item that is sometimes used to help level up a mattress so it is more comfortable. This item resembles a bracket and might be attached to the futon frame with a screw. There might be two of these used, one on each side of the piece. This accessory normally prevents the cushion from sagging in between the slats of the frame. They are usually easily removed whenever the furniture is being used as a bed.

One of the more popular futon accessories is a cover. This can come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. Micro-fiber suede is often used because it is soft to the touch yet can be easily laundered. A cover is typically inexpensive to purchase, so a homeowner can it often if she chooses.

Toss and over-arm pillows are other types of futon accessories that can be used to decorate this piece of furniture. Toss pillows, which are those that can be thrown or tossed onto a couch, often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can even be purchased to match the futon cover. Over-arm pillows normally attach to the exposed arms of this sofa-bed with ties or straps, which can provide added protection and comfort.

A throw, or throw blanket, can also be used on a futon. This item is normally similar to an afghan or quilt, and can be draped across the back section of the frame. This can add interest while being readily available to cover a person if the room temperature suddenly drops.

Futons can be a versatile piece of furniture ideal for homes, vacation cabins, or apartments. Futon accessories can make them more attractive and cozy to sit on. Fortunately, there are a number of products available that are easy to maintain and can compliment almost any decorating style.

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    • Futon accessories may include blanket throws.
      Futon accessories may include blanket throws.