How Do I Choose the Best Mini Futon?

Misty Amber Brighton

A mini futon can be an ideal addition to a dorm room or living area. Before you buy one of these pieces, you should consider your overall room decor and the space you have available. Think about whether you would like to use the futon for sitting or sleeping, because you will want a more comfortable mattress if you are sleeping on it. This furniture comes in a number of fabric choices, and each one will need to be cleaned a different way.

Woman posing
Woman posing

You can buy a mini futon to fit any type of room decor. If the rest of your furnishings are somewhat traditional, you may want one that has a wooden frame and legs, square back, and no arms. For a more contemporary style home, one with rounded arms and back and a metal frame may be more in keeping with that interior design. You can also choose a classic design, which consists of a straight-backed piece and metal frame with flat arms; one of these units can work well with either traditional or contemporary room decor.

It is important to know what size of mini futon you need to buy. This can depend on how much space you have available and whether you are using it for sleeping or sitting. Some models may resemble an oversized chair but fold out to make a twin bed. Others range from loveseats, which can accommodate two people to those slightly smaller than a couch. These models may unfold as well, providing enough space for two people to sleep. An advantage of one of these units is that it may also slide underneath taller furniture, which can save valuable space.

You should consider the type of fabric when selecting a mini futon. This furniture comes in many materials such as leather, suede, or cotton. Leather can normally be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth, while cotton or suede may require special cleaners. Some futons may consist of a fabric cover that slips over the foam mattress, in which case it might be possible to wash this accessory in a washing machine.

Since you will likely use your mini futon often, the quality of the piece should definitely be a consideration. Try to fold and unfold the unit to see how easy it is to do so. Inspecting the legs and frame of this furniture will give you an idea of how well it is constructed. With a diligent effort, you can buy a futon that will last for several years without exceeding your budget.

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