How do I Choose the Best Kid's Futon?

Diane Goettel

When choosing a kid's futon, the two most important things to consider are how long the futon is meant to last and whether it needs to be part of a larger futon set or furniture set. Interestingly, there is more variation in the deigns of kid's futons than there is in the design of standard futons for adults. Futons for adults vary in terms of design and a few aesthetic features. Kid's futons include the same range but also include other possible features. For example, a kid's futon may or may not be part of a bunk bed set.

Two young boys
Two young boys

While shopping for a kid's futon, think about how long the futon should be of use for the child. A very small kid's futon, for example, might work well for a short period of time, but it is likely that the child will grow out of it in just a few years. Parents who are shopping for a kid's futon that will last for a longer period of time should get a well-sized futon, even if it seems a bit too large for the child at the time that it is purchased. Some kid's futons are even large enough for kids to use well into their teenage years, which means that the parents have many years before they have to pay for replacement furniture.

Some people like to purchase furniture in sets. There are a number of furniture companies that sell bedroom sets for kids that include futons. This is often where the design variations in kid's futons come into play. There are a number of furniture companies that sell a kid's futon set that includes a bunk that fits over the futon. In most cases, the bunk is a twin-sized bed, while the kid's futon below might be either a twin or a full. This kind of set is quite useful for rooms that are shared by two siblings.

Durability is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a kid's futon. Even the most well-behaved children can wear through furniture in no time. Make sure that the futon frame is sturdy and made out of strong materials. It is also smart to purchase a futon mattress that is stain resistant. This is important both for children who are still in their potty training years and older children who are allowed to have drinks in their rooms.

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