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How do I Choose the Best Kid's Folding Chair?

Kindall Nelson
Kindall Nelson

A child can, technically, sit in a folding chair made for an adult. Sitting in an appropriately sized folding chair, however, can keep the child safer and more comfortable. Buying a child his own folding chair also can guarantee he has a place to sit when seating is otherwise limited. Shopping for such a chair should involve finding the right size, confirming sturdy construction, and holding out for important safety features.

When buying a kid's folding chair, the size of the chair is important. Finding a child-sized folding chair can keep a child from tipping the chair while trying to climb into it to sit. Having a chair the right size — namely, lower to the ground and smaller — will also be more likely to discourage a child from using the chair for unintended purposes such as climbing to reach something that has been placed out of reach or sharing the seat with too many people at one time.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

One safety feature that a kid's folding chair should have is a hinge lock. This means that, once the chair has been opened all the way, it cannot be folded again without pushing a button near the hinges on the legs. This not only keeps the kid's folding chair from collapsing while the child is in it, but it also keeps children from opening and closing the chair while playing and inadvertently pinching their fingers.

Some folding chairs for children are meant to be used indoors only. It will say this on the tag attached to the chair. Indoor-only chairs are not fireproof or water-resistant, which is important to know if you are planning to take the chair camping or fishing. While a kid's folding chair that is the right size and has a hinge lock can keep kids safe, there is always the possibility that the chair will end up too near a fire while camping. This makes it important to find a chair made of non-flammable materials.

While a non-flammable chair is important, breathable fabric also is essential. Otherwise, a child might suffocate should he become trapped beneath it. That means chairs made of plastic, while likely inexpensive, should also likely be ruled out.

Once a child has the chair that best fits his needs, it is still a good idea to provide the child with a lesson in folding chair safety. A kid's folding chair should only be used on flat, level ground. It should only be used as a chair. A tip for adults is that young children should not be left unattended with a kid's folding chair, which could cause serious injury if not used correctly.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips