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How do I Choose the Best Futon Loveseat?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Choosing the best futon loveseat involves consideration of what the futon will be used for, where in the room it will be placed, and how much space is available. A futon loveseat is convenient because it takes up less room than a full futon sofa and can still be used as a chair by two people. This kind of furniture is perfect for people with tight living spaces or areas that are used by household guests. The great variety of futon designs means that aesthetic considerations, such as color or material, can be easily accommodated. Deciding what kind of futon loveseat one wants before going to a store will streamline the process considerably.

There are two basic kinds of futon loveseats. All futon loveseats have an extension piece that pulls or folds out, which is hidden when the loveseat is being used as a chair. Two different kinds of mattresses are used with these frames, and each has its benefits.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The first kind involves a mattress that is divided in two parts, called a split futon mattress. When the bed is laid flat, a cushion that fits on the extended frame is added to make the whole mattress. This is convenient because the cushion can be stored behind or below the bed, and the loveseat's back can sit directly against the wall or look attractive in the middle of a room. Unfortunately, the crack between the two parts of the mattress is uncomfortable for some people. As such, this is a design best suited to cases where the futon will be used primarily as a chair and rarely as a bed.

The second kind of futon loveseat, called a cascading futon mattress, has a single mattress that hangs over the back of the frame when the futon is being used as a chair. When the foot is extended, the mattress is pulled down and covers the entire frame. The main problem with this design is that the mattress often needs to be thinner in order to properly hang over the back of the chair. In some cases, the mattress also makes the chair take up more room because it must sit farther from the wall, and the cascading design makes this chair unattractive in the middle of a room. Most people find this design more than adequate for sleeping and comfortable for sitting, so this is a great design for futons that serve both purposes equally.

One might also consider what kind of frame to get for the futon. The best frames are made of either metal or wood. Futon loveseats also come in both twin and full sizes, corresponding to the sizes of twin and full mattresses. Covers for futon mattresses come in a wide variety of colors and often have replacements available. All of these possibilities should be considered when choosing the best futon loveseat.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing