What are the Different Digital Marketing Jobs? (with picture)

T. Webster
T. Webster
SEO specialist is a digital marketing job.
SEO specialist is a digital marketing job.

Digital marketing jobs comprise a career field that resulted from the need to create marketing or sales campaigns on the Internet. This field includes jobs in graphic design, animation, website construction, website design and basic computer programming. An understanding of marketing, copyrights and other legalities often is required in digital marketing jobs.

A team of creative professionals with a combination of these skills typically are employed to create an Internet-based campaign. The tools of the trade include social media, email, websites, instant messaging and other Internet venues. All of these tools are employed to reach a target audience.

Digital marketing jobs include search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, copywriters, marketing managers, marketing coordinators and Web designers. Some jobs require skills that overlap one or more areas. A copywriter, for example, would need to understand search engine optimization when writing for a website.

An SEO specialist uses keywords that people enter into search engines when looking for specific information or services on the Internet. These keywords are researched and then inserted into Web pages or other digital communications. The proper use of keywords can drive more traffic to a website and lead to a higher ranking in the search engines. The highest-ranking sites are those that appear first in a list of search results.

Website designers often create the graphics and layout for a website. Some also are versed in how to write the coding that allows the site to display on the Internet. Designing the structure of a website requires an understanding of how various browsers display pages. Websites should also contain coding that meets internationally accepted standards as outlined by the Worldwide Web Consortium.

Digital marketing jobs also are available for copywriters. Marketing copywriters specialize in persuasive copy that entices the reader to buy something or take some other action. Depending on the job requirements, copywriters can write informational text for websites or blogs as well as advertisements, slogans, promotional emails and other marketing materials.

A marketing manager or coordinator is one of the most important digital marketing jobs. This person is responsible for overseeing all of the work and making sure that it meets quality standards, conveys the right message and is targeted to the right audience. In addition, a marketing manager sets goals and evaluates a digital marketing campaign for its effectiveness. This can include regular monitoring of a website in addition to social networking sites and blogs.

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    • SEO specialist is a digital marketing job.
      SEO specialist is a digital marketing job.